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#B-SAFE4business stand type D

(from 131.60000000132/m²)
Item #: SSBS700

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Product description

#B-SAFE4business stand type D

Please note the specifications of the trade fair event regarding the minimum size. These may be different from the minimum size of this specific stand concept.

Ribbed carpeting on the entire stand area in anthracite, red, blue or green.
Octanorm Maxima light wall system 40 x 40 mm, anodised aluminium, wall thickness 4 mm, wall colour white.
Up to 11 sqm surface:1 curtain  - not lockable -to cover distribution box (cabin 0,5x1m). Stand spaces bigger than 11 sqm: Cabin 1m² for OC Maxima light with wooden, lockable door.
Octanorm Maxima light ceiling construction 40 x 40 mm, anodised aluminium, approx. 100 cm deep, along the sides open to the aisle. Lower edge of ceiling at approx. 270 cm.
Fascia (length x height in cm) 200 x 50 along the side open to an aisle.
Text for fascia lettering:
Company name with max. 20 letters, black, font Helvetica, on each side open to an aisle.

Assembly and dismantling of the described services.
Removal of the protective foil on the carpet before the trade fair begins.
One-time hoovering of the carpet after removing the protective foil, provided that the stand area is accessible without restrictions.

Main supply point 8kW
Waste disposal (1 time 70 litres refuse sack per exhibition day)

Stand cleaning #B-SAFE4business: the scope of cleaning extends to the disinfecting cleaning of contact surfaces of the exhibition stands (tables, chairs, showcases, doors, refrigerators, cupboards). We clean twice a day. The disinfection of exhibits is not included in the #B-SAFE4business cleaning package. This can be ordered separately.

All materials are hired. An undamaged handover to us is required after the fair. In case of placement of your own graphics, you need to remove them free of residues and dispose of the waste. Drilling in rented materials such as walls, doors or supporting elements is not allowed. Failure to comply we will invoice the costs for new materials.

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Basic equipment (INCLUDED)

Basic equipment (INCLUDED, depending on the booth size)

Basic equipment (extra charge)

Basic equipment (extra charge, depending on the booth size)


  • Height: 300 cm
  • System: Maxima 40


purchasable until 02.05.2022


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