Modular stand Sweden (from 100 m²)

(from 197.45/m²)
Item #: SSBMOD01X

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Product description

Modular stand Sweden (from 100 m²)

Platform +50 mm for cabling, velours carpeting, uni-coloured, aluminium edge

Wall system Maxima 300 cm high, aluminium with white infills, for partition walls to the stand neighbour and for cabin walls, including 1 wall element, 200 cm wide, with fabric infills, illuminated, graphics not included

 Design element “Bridge”, 400 cm high, with suspended ceiling element, indirect illuminated

Side walls of “Bridge” element either with graphic background or showcases

approx. 6 sqm

2 cabins, approx. 9 sqm each (furniture not included)

1 electrical distribution 10 kW
4 spotlights with boom above the logos, lighting for cabins and kitchen

4 logos (1 x 1 m maximum) onto "Bridges"

Basic equipment:
1 x per 3 sqm spot light SSR 100 (basic lighting)
1 x per 3 sqm spot light SAA 70 (illumination of graphics, wall, etc.)
4 x spotlight with boom HQI 35W (illumination of logos at “Bridges“)
1 x information counter THE 03, white
1 x sink with boiler
1 x storage rack (wood)
1 x refrigerator 145 l
1 x waste paper basket, 20 l

Construction and dismantling of the services described.
We remove the protective covering if it is fully accessible, before the start of the trade fair.
Carpet cleaning before the stand is handed over to you. 

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Basic equipment (INCLUDED)

Basic equipment (INCLUDED, depending on the booth size)

Basic equipment (extra charge)

Basic equipment (extra charge, depending on the booth size)


  • Height: 400 cm
  • Wall height: 300 cm
  • System: Maxima 80


purchasable until 10.05.2020


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