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Stands for different participants with a total size from 100 m².
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High-quality group stand in conventional construction in modern, linear design.
image no.: GS-00005 open image
Group stand type A: Stand construction with modern colour concept at affordable prices.
image no.: GS-00006 open image
Open, communicative group stand: creative design with reduced equipment.
image no.: GS-00007 open image
Customised group stand in conventional construction in modern, linear design.
image no.: GS-00008 open image
Impressive group stand: bright, inviting and with large long-distance effect.
image no.: GS-00009 open image
Spacious group stand: bright, sociable and attractive.
image no.: GS-00010 open image
Individual, creative group stand: minimalistic, special and communicative.
image no.: GS-00011 open image
Group stand type B: Attractive, light-flooded design.
image no.: GS-00012 open image
Attractive, communicative group stand with showy distant effect.
image no.: GS-00013 open image
Concept for large groups with lots of prominent graphic options.
image no.: GS-00017 open image
Group stand type C: Eye-catching stand construction with an imposing distant effect.
image no.: GS-00015 open image
Individual group stand with striking long-distance effect caused by circumferential banners.
image no.: GS-00016 open image
image no.:
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